This project is a collaboration between myself and the young people at Sidewalk Youth Project. We are forming a sketchbook that will form part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library.


I have worked with Sidewalk, a youth led youthwork charity,  for the last three years and the young people are constantly teaching me new things. Whether that be new skills or different outlooks. I wanted to share with them what I do as an artist and through portraiture we have been exploring the topic of identity  and finding out the stages involved in submitting a creative project.

The images we produce will be bound together in a book and submitted  to the Brooklyn Art Library to join their permanent collection of sketchbooks. 

The Sketchbooks are transported via a bookmobile to schools and other establishments and we can track where the book travels to and how often it is viewed. 

This project finishes in August 2020. 

Sidewalk engages with Scarborough’s most marginalized and at-risk young people. To find out more about the work sidewalk are doing you can visit their website: